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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Custom Hot Wheels- Rusty Rig.

I have been going through withdrawals- been a month since I've played with any Hot Wheels. Went digging through the scrap pile and pulled this guy out.

Figured I could spend an hour goofing off so here's what came out of it. First things first- gotta take it apart!

Next step- scuff up the "paint" to make it look oxidized. This is one cool looking casting, but unfortunately its PLASTIC. Makes it really hard to work with although this IS the same one I built Santa's Heavy Hauler out of.

Here's where the fun begins. Trying some rust patina, shake and bake style. The marinade is leftover from my 3rd? build- the Army bRat. I found a recipe to speed rust steel using Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar, and Salt. I mixed some with a bunch of metal filings in this bag and it sat so long it dried out into a really fine rust powder.

Here's a link to the instructable with the directions on how to rust stuff: http://www.instructables.com/id/Prod...nd-Steel-Safe/

Meh. Looks more dusty than rusty. Lets take 2. Start by crazy gluing a bunch of steel shavings in spots that look like the may be prone to rust anyways.

Apply the rust sauce,

And wait. Re-apply the marinade every 10 minutes or so...

I tried the shake and bake again with it wet still... Little bit overboard.

Eventually, with the aid of a blow dryer it starts to look like this.

Slap it all together and viola!

Fun quick build.  I ended up rubbing a bit more of the lighter stuff off and think it looks better still.  

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