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Sunday, April 12, 2015

ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity!

Because, I hope to never, ever be in another play again!  At least not when life is so crazy and I don't ever see life getting less crazy so there you go.  A once in a lifetime opportunity!

I was drafted / conscripted politely invited by my lovely wife to be in a play with her.  We won't go into details about how I politley but firmly refused for 3 days, but was drug to the auditions with the promise of "Just show up and you wont have to do anything" then "oh, by the way you have to sing a song and read something for them"...  I'm not bitter.  :)

Opening night is this Friday!  The play is "The Pirates of Penzance", showing this weekend and the next.

Couple of pics from a dress rehersal:

It has been a royal pain, all of the practices and whatnot... But it has been sorta fun.  I think it's going to turn out great, LOTS of funny business, swords, fight scenes, etc.  Y'all should come and join us for an evening at the historic Nuart Theatre in Blackfoot!



Gremma said...

I want to come!

Gremma said...

I want to come!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Break a leg!