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Thursday, April 23, 2015

dorkpunch engines #2- Cylinder and Head.

Back to our home built hit and miss engine model.  Here's what we're starting with:

Ordered all of these on ebay.  Need to check and see what the alloy is, but whatever it is its darn soft and machine very easily.

Makin' chips.

This is a shakedown run- testing how much I've forgotten since college and seeing how sucky this lathe really is. Turns out I don't remember much...   It also turns out that my lathe needed some tweaking but I didn't figure that out until later.  *sigh*

Machined it down, lazily marked a few spots and drilled some holes.


Parting off the head. Took FOREVER. Need to align the tool- sits too low.

Head and cylinder.

Tapped the holes.

Teensy plug I'll be using:

Fits together quite nicely!

Plan is to use some soft copper sheet I have as a gasket. Now the hard part begins- figuring out how to get the piston and valves in there.

So far this is LOTSA fun- many things are starting to come back to me.  Really enjoying being able to make chips fly, but I've got a loonnngggg ways to go before its up to par.

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